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Lotus Notes: Mark email as read on preview

Lotus Notes: Mark email as read on preview.

If you’re a native Microsoft Outlook user like myself it might take some time to adjust to a transition over to Lotus Notes. One setting I notice most users are greatly accustomed to is mark email as read on preview. Tired of having to open an email to mark it as read on lotus notes?

Do you want it marked as read automatically after you preview it? Here’s how..

Follow the next 5 steps to find and modify this setting.

1. In Lotus Notes click “File”
2. Select Preferences.
file preferences

3. A new box will appear. On the left menu highlight “Basic Notes Client Config”
4. On the right side locate and highlight”Mark documents read when opened in preview pane”. If this setting is checked it will enable the feature. If you want to turn it off click on it again until the check mark dissapear.
5. Click ‘OK’ to save your setting
mark documents read on review

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  1. Reply fangstar 12/03/26

    thanks! solution works as described.

  2. Reply Shankar 12/04/09

    Perfect!! thanks :)

  3. Reply Ashish 12/05/18

    Thanks… i want to make lotus as close to outlook as possible.!

  4. Reply Mohib Sheth 12/05/22


  5. Reply Rakesh 12/06/27

    Hi ,

    We are using lotus notes 8.5.One of our client have strange problems that whenever he open lotus notes & check his mail than his inbox does not shows any of mail but when he click on inbox than his mail highlight. so pls give me the solution about this problems

  6. Reply Suvomoy 13/03/18

    Thanks a lot for this quick info.

  7. Reply sandy 13/06/21

    Perfect .. works as described :)
    i was lookin for this :)

  8. Reply mis_mo 13/09/18

    Hey, that helped me a lot..but do you also have a solution to “mimic” the “clean up folder/conversation”-function from Outlook in lotus? I am missing that, too.
    Would be gorgeous!

  9. Reply Martin Karplus 13/10/09

    Thanks. Very clear described. Nice overview. Like the red numbers in particular. Thanks again!

  10. Reply Santosh Sahu 15/05/07

    Thank you, its really helpful.

  11. Reply Kiran Ingle 15/08/05

    Thank you very much ….

  12. Reply Jeff Tan 17/02/09

    Thanks, that did the trick!

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