Lotus Notes How To: Clear invite in inbox after acceptance or decline.

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Lotus Notes: Clear invite in inbox after acceptance or decline.

You receive an invte on your lotus notes inbox and you accept/decline it. How come it still stays in your inbox? Is it safe to delete this? if I delete it will it remove the calendar entry?
Do you want to automatically clear the invite after you have accepted/declined it? Here’s how..

Follow the next 8 steps to find and modify this setting.

1. In Lotus Notes click “File”
2. Select Preferences.
file preferences
notes file preferences

3. A new box will appear. On the left menu highlight “Calendar and To Do”
bFocus on the right side. Highlight the “Calendar & To Do” tab.
5. Highlight the “Display” tab.
6. Highlight the “Notices” tab.
7. Place a check mark next to “Remove meeting notices from my Inbox after I process them”
8. Click “OK” to save your settings.
remove meeting noticed from inbox

Please be aware that this change will only apply to new documents going forward. All existing invite entries/meeting notices will remain.

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