Remove IT Policy from a blackberry device

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Blackberry: Remove IT Policy on Blackberry

IT policies are often set in corporate environment. The policy is passed on to each and every connected device from the BES(blackberry enterprise server.) These policies are in place to ensure a level of security. More than likely it will prevent access to websites and the installation of certain applications. Some policy will require you to set a password to safeguard the device.

Purchased a device from ebay and it’s all locked down? Trying to activate your device on a different BES but can’t? Follow the steps below to remove the I.T. Policy. Please be aware that the removal of the I.T. Policy will reset the device back to factory state. This means that all data will be wiped clean! If you have anything saved on the device please make sure you back it up. The following procedure will require you to have the blackberry desktop software installed. Visit the official blackberry website here to download the latest software.

1. On your windows desktop click “Start”
2. Select “Run..”.
start run

3. A new box will appear. Enter the text “cmd”
4. Click “OK”.
command prompt

A new window will appear. This is the command prompt. What we need to accomplish now is navigate to the directory of the loader file.

5. First ensure that you are in the correct drive where you install the desktop manager. For most users this is the C drive. Enter “c:” and hit enter. This will bring you to the C drive.
6. Next we will need to navigate to the path of the loader file. Enter the text cd program files\common files\research in motion\apploader and hit enter.
7. Now we will execute the loader file with a command Enter the text loader.exe /resettofactory and hit enter. 
cmd loader

8. If you have a password set on the device you will be required to enter it now. Enter your password and then click enter to continue. **If you do not know the password of the device you can enter an incorrect password ten times. The blackberry device will wipe itself.
rim loader console

9. You should see the red indicator light come on. The device will shutdown and upon reboot the policy will be purged from the system.

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